Sample Chapter for Healed Through Cancer and Other Adversities HEALING THROUGH GOD, BUT DOES HE EXIST?




He is the image of the invisible God,/ the firstborn of all

creation./ For in him were created all things in heaven and

on earth,/ the visible and the invisible,/ whether thrones

or dominions or principalities or powers;/ all things were

created through him and for him./ He is before all things,/

and in him all things hold together./ He is the head of

the body, the church./ He is the beginning, the firstborn

from the dead,/ that in all things he himself might be

preeminent./ For in him all the fullness was pleased to

dwell,/ and through him to reconcile all things for him,/

making peace by the blood of his cross [through him],

whether those on earth or those in heaven./ And you who

once were alienated and hostile in mind because of evil

deeds he has now reconciled in his fleshly body through

his death, to present you holy, without blemish, and

irreproachable before him, provided that you persevere in

the faith, firmly grounded, stable, and not shifting from

the hope of the gospel that you heard, which has been

James M. Littleton


preached to every creature under heaven, of which I, Paul,

am a minister.

Colossians 1:15–23

As a younger man I tended toward believing in God with lip

service, though I generally lived and acted as if I did not believe

He existed. I most certainly did not have a loving relationship

with Him. But, He never gave up on me, as He never gives up on

you. I eventually received from His hands the paramount gift of

faith, through no merit of my own. This gift is available to every

one of us for the asking, though it will never be imposed upon us.

Perhaps the reader is struggling with the question “Does

God exist?” The answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” By the way, His

existence does not depend upon our acquiescence. He is! How can

we sum up Who God is, but in His own words, too deep to fully

penetrate with our weak mortal minds: “I Am” (John 8:58, jb).

Not “I was,” or “I will be,” but “I am.”

Do you believe in the one true God? If not, then what or who

do you believe in? Everyone has a god. What are my gods: my

intellect, science, money, possessions, power, prestige, sex, leisure,

my stomach, technology, politics, my body? We could go on and

on. These are not bad things in themselves when used in an ordered

and proper way, when we use them for the good of ourselves and

others and the glory of God. The trouble comes when we make

gods of something other than the one true God. The false gods we

choose ultimately own and enslave us. We surrender our freedom,

which is a supreme gift from our true God, and submit to these

enslavers. Will these false gods comfort us and give us peace as we

take our leave of this world one day, on a day we do not know, but

which is certain to come? Have you ever known of anyone taking

any of these things into eternity?

The most common god we can naturally tend to choose is

ourselves, whether we do so knowingly or not. It is very common

Healed through Cancer


for persons today to be moral relativists wherein they choose and

create their own moral “truths” to live by, which they claim not

to impose on anyone else. They claim to be tolerant of everyone

else’s right to choose their own set of moral beliefs, but watch

out if someone else’s beliefs interfere in some way with theirs. In

other words they have fooled themselves into believing that they

themselves can establish what is right and wrong for themselves

while claiming that there is no such thing as objective truth that

applies to everyone. Of course, this proclamation that there is

no binding, universal, objective truth is ipso facto paradoxically

presented as an objective truth in itself that should apply to

everyone. And you have committed a terrible mortal sin should

you burst their bubble claiming that there is an objective truth that

is binding to everyone including them. Theirs is a preposterous

philosophy, which virtually all of us have been unduly influenced

by, as the culture we live and breathe in is so completely saturated

by it.

Those who live as moral relativists may claim that they believe

in God, but they believe and live as if they are all powerful and can

tell God what is right and wrong, which in fact infers that they are

more omnipotent than the God they claim to believe in. God, for

them, becomes a puppet of their own will. But this is far from the

truth of who the one true God is. God is God. We are not.

Of course we all have the tendency to be personally biased in

justifying the things we want to do, even if this hurts others, myself

most definitely included. That is why we need God. We need His

help in coming to the Truth, understanding it, embracing it, and

living it. As a matter of fact, the Truth is not something abstract.

The Truth is a Person, Jesus, the second Person of the Most Holy

Trinity. We can know the truth and are enabled to live it better

when we fall in love with Him—that is to say when we fall in love

with the Truth.



We fall in love with Love.


Jesus tells us: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John

14:6, jb). Jesus is the only way to the Truth and Life; He is the

James M. Littleton


Truth; and this Truth, this Jesus, who is the true Life, gives us

life eternal. We cannot attain this by ourselves. We must be lifted

up to it by Jesus, through His supernatural help, which does not

naturally belong to us, but is always readily available to us if we

so desire.

Only God can consecrate us in truth. “Consecrate them in the

truth; your word is truth” (John 17:17, jb).

The reality is that we are not determiners of truth. Truth is not

something we have the power to invent, but an objective reality

that we are called to accept and live. This truth does not oppress

us, but rather frees us and makes us happy. “The truth will make

you free” (John 8:32, jb).

Well, the truth is that there is one true God and He is the

Truth. There are objective truths that apply to everyone, too

numerous to even begin to spell out here. The best place to find

these truths enumerated is in the



Catechism of the Catholic Church.5

For example, an objective truth is that we should never directly

and intentionally kill/abort innocent babies in the womb who

are unable to defend themselves. These are unrepeatable, unique

persons, full of potential, with unique missions on earth, made in

God’s own image and likeness, and intended to be perfectly happy

for all eternity with God.

God is all powerful and has our eternal destiny in His hands,

wanting us all to be saved and to come to be with Him in perfect

happiness for all eternity. Why would I not want to know Him,

love Him, and serve Him?

Can I provide thousands of reasons that point to the existence

of God, such as nature—wherein it seems absurd to think that

everything is an accident in regard to mankind—the world, and

the universe in their astounding beauty, harmonization, and

precision? Yes, God exists. Can I give to the reader a personal

assent and assurance by citing reasons and arguments for the

existence of God? No! We can never come to an unshakable, living,

confident, assured faith in God by our reason alone. Our intellect

Healed through Cancer


is too weak and limited. We are finite, while God is infinite. I am

not saying that we should not apply our reason, but



our reason must


be perfected by grace



What a profound and liberating thing it is to come to know,

love, and serve the one true God! He never imposes Himself. He

offers Himself to us as the



Ultimate Gift! We need only reach out

and accept.

We can only come to faith in God, and act on it, through the

aid of something supernatural outside of ourselves. We can only

come to this faith, which is built on rock, through the gift of grace,

through the gift of faith from God’s munificent hands.

“Everyone who comes to me and listens to my words and

acts on them—I will show you what he is like. He is like

the man who when he built his house dug, and dug deep,

and laid the foundations on rock; when the river was in

flood it bore down on that house but could not shake it, it

was so well built.”

Luke 6:47–49, jb

Yes, faith is a gratuitous gift. “For by grace you have been saved

through faith, and this is not from you; it is the gift of God”

(Ephesians 2:8). We can only receive this gift if we exercise the

gift of our free will to accept it.

Therefore, if the reader doubts the existence of God, and in

good faith wishes to at least acknowledge that it is possible that

God may in fact exist, then I encourage the reader to simply

open his heart, mind, and soul and ask God for this special grace

of all graces, exercising his free will to receive and accept this

sublime gift of faith. I can assure you that if you do this you will

be granted the gift of faith either immediately, or eventually in

God’s perfect timing. Count on this! Praise be to God Most High

James M. Littleton


for His inexpressible gifts and generosity! This aim is kept in my

deepest prayers.

When we believe in God it opens the door for us to turn to Him

for all we need, and to trust in Him. It is then that we receive the

gift of peace, for which we all innately hunger. Only God can give

us this genuine peace. Only God can truly heal us in the various

dimensions of our person, including physical health, mind, soul,

and spirit. “‘But I will heal him, and console him, I will comfort

him to the full, both him and his afflicted fellows, bringing praise

to their lips. Peace, peace to far and near. I will indeed heal him,’

says Yahweh” (Isaiah 57:18–19, jb).

God has all the power, and is always using it for our good. He

desires to comfort us and to bring us genuine peace. He wants

to heal us in every conceivable way. When we turn to our allpowerful

God, He will always hear us and answer every prayer for

our good—though sometimes, as with any good father, the answer

will be “no” for our own good, with His eye on our ultimate and

supreme good, that of our eternal salvation. I guess I can bring

myself to thank You, Father, for the times You said “no” when I

prayed to win the lottery; You know best. Thank You, Father, for

Your constant loving concern for us in every detail of our lives.


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James Littleton is happily married to Kathleen for thirty-three years, father of nineteen, fourteen living on earth ages thirty to ten, and five living in heaven. James is a hope-filled, inspirational national speaker, author, evangelist, retreat master, co-founder and co-director of Forming Faithful Families™ and One More Baby for Jesus™, host of Forming Faithful Families Radio and Television. Learn more at or email
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